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Stock Investor Screening

Stock Investor also contains a powerful feature which allows you to filter the entire universe of 9000 stocks and select a basket of stocks based on your selection criteria.  For example, you could specify that only stocks which have current earnings growth of 15% or more be considered.  This one requirement reduces the universe of stocks from over 9000 to approximately 3500.  Next, you could specify only stocks with a ratio of current assets to current liabilities of 2 or more.  The  total number of stocks that satisfy both requirements is now narrowed to 1200 out of the original 9000.  Adding additional requirements will continue to reduce the number of stocks.  By specifying criteria that are important to you, the total number of stocks to be evaluated in detail can be reduced to a manageable number.  You can specify multiple requirements using any of the 700 data fields in Stock Investor Standard or any of 1500 data fields in Stock Investor Professional.

                                            Stock Investor Prewritten Screening

The program also provides prewritten filtering criteria to match the investment philosophy used by many well-known successful investors. You can also select Stock Partner�s own filtering criteria which emphasizes sales and earnings consistency and a strong cash position.  Stock Partner�s criteria will reduce the number of stocks to be considered from a total list of 9000 to around 50 stocks.  Once you have decided on a filtering criteria, you can select it each time you start Stock Investor using the Screen drop-down list box.


After you have selected the screen criteria to use, the number of stocks will be reduced to just those which meet your screening criteria.  Next, you can save the reduced number of stocks as a portfolio by selecting that command from the File menu.

Stock Investor will give you the option to name your portfolio.

 After you name your portfolio, click OK and exit the Stock Investor program.  You are now ready for comprehensive analysis of  your portfolio of stocks using Stock Partner.


Because Stock Investor does not support file sharing, you must exit Stock Investor before using Stock Partner.




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