Why Cover Your Ad™?

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Leading California dailies such as the San Diego Union Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle have incorporated the Cover Your Ad™ program into their advertising creation and proofing process.

For these newspapers, the value justification for Cover Your Ad™ was clear. In the last two years, California has been hit by over 1100 compliance lawsuits. Under federal regulations, dealerships publishing non-compliant automotive advertisements can be fined up to $10,000 per violation – for every day the advertisement appears. The penalties can be staggering.

It's no wonder that since 2001, the newspaper industry has experienced a decline in automotive advertising revenue.

This is the reality that creates a compelling business case for incorporating Cover Your Ad™ into your advertisement creation process.


Here are just a few of the key benefits of using Cover Your Ad™: Safe Harbor Certified

• Satisfies California Safe Harbor training requirements for advertisers that have been sued.

Generates legally compliant advertisement copy and formatting guidelines in minutes. Just log in, enter your ad data, and output the required disclosures and formatting guidelines.

Mutually benefits advertisers and newspapers: advertisers can reach a wide range of customers with 250 combinations of cash, finance, and lease terms without fear of legal reprisals; newspapers increase revenue by selling more column inches.

• Streamlines and formalizes the advertisement creation process.

• Eliminates the need for expensive advertising compliance training and related reference manuals.

• Cover Your Ad� always reflects the most recent state and federal advertising law; We keep up with disclosure requirements so you don't have to.