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Cover Your Ad™ Automotive is our flagship product. Designed to be used by newspaper publications and auto dealerships alike, Automotive provides your organization with the simplest way to create legally compliant advertising.

Creating compliant automotive advertising has never been easier. Subscribe to our Web-based service, then log into the Cover Your Ad™ program using your assigned username and password.

Here's how easy it is to create a compliant advertisement:

Choose from over 250 combinations of cash, finance, or lease terms – Gain a competitive edge by creating ads that appeal to a wider range of customers.


Enter the required ad data – After you've selected an ad type, you'll be prompted for all of the required data to build a compliant ad.

Repeat for all vehicles and terms you'd like to include in the ad.

Review the ad copy – CYA™ Automotive allows you to view required copy and disclosures in a simple-to-understand layout-style format.

Send the completed ad – When you've entered all vehicles and terms for your ad, e-mail your ad from the CYA™ program to legal review or a participating newspaper.

Copy and edit an existing ad – After you log in, you can always select an existing ad, change the vehicle and term information as necessary, and forward the new ad for publication.

Spend less time creating your advertisements and more time selling.



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