Company History

  » Helping Advertisers Since 2001


  » Providing Best-In-Class Compliance Tools


Toni Donnet, a California-licensed consumer attorney, founded Cover Your Ad, LLC (CYA) in 2001 with Joseph Lerner and an expert team of Web program designers and developers.

With its headquarters in San Diego, California, CYA builds software applications that help advertisers curb the growing number of lawsuits arising from state and federal advertising law violations.

The CYA philosophy is simple: provide the best tools in the publishing industry to create legally compliant advertising.

Cover Your Ad™ is the only product on the market that filters user-entered advertisement material in real-time and outputs compliant copy according to state and federal law.

What's more, CYA compliance-building products deliver the kind of process automation, integration, and precision that advertisers and publishers demand.

CYA understands that aligning technological capabilities with business strategy is increasingly crucial to the success of an organization.