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Stock Analysis Screen

Click the Analyze option of the menu bar to bring up the Stock Analysis screen. 

The Analysis screen contains the following 13 tabs:

Company: Stock summaries and critical financial data about each company

Current Position: Current financial position of each stock selected

History: Financial history and price-earning ratio analyses

Ranking: Ranking by key performance parameters relative to every other stock in the same industry

Graph: A multi-year graph of sales and earnings making use of regression analysis to calculate precise trends

Growth Rate: Predictor of growth rate using trends previously calculated and analysts' earning estimates as a guide

One-Year Return: Calculations of one-year return and maximum purchase price to achieve any user selected profit objective

Low Price: Five-year determination of most probable low stock price

Gain-Loss: Calculation of risk - possible gain versus possible loss

Buy-Hold-Sell: Graphic display of buy-hold-sell points using user selected criteria

Five-Year Return: Calculation of five-year return and determination of maximum purchase price to achieve any user selected profit objective

Ten-Year Return: Calculation of ten-year return for a long-term perspective

Sustainable Return: Calculation of ten-year return using a sustainable growth model to allow consideration of alternative point of view

Before looking at the Analysis screens in detail, let's consider two other features of Stock Partner:

  1. How to use the Navigation bar

  2. How to get help.


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