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The menu bar at the top of the Stock Partner screen allows you to access all features of Stock Partner.


I. File Menu

Click the File menu for a drop down list of major file-related features of Stock Partner.


The Open Portfolio menu command allows you to select a subset of the full stock database for analysis and comparison.  The Open Portfolio screen will be described in the next screen.

The Print Stock Summary menu command prints a one-page summary report for any stock.

The Add Stock Partner Screening menu command adds Stock Partner's screening criteria to the Stock Investor program.  After clicking this command, you will see "Stock Partner" as one of the screening selections in the Stock Investor program.  See the Stock Investor Help for more details on how to use screening in Stock Investor.

The Exit menu command quits the Stock Partner program.

II Select Menu

The Select menu command opens the Select Company screen which allows you to select a specific stock.

III Analyze Menu

The Analyze menu command opens the Analyze Stock screens.  These screens will analyze any stock in thirteen separate screens.

IV Compare Menu

The Compare menu command will allow you to compare the features of multiple stocks or industry sectors.

V Help


Stock Partner Help allows you to access this Help file.

About Stock Partner opens the About Stock Partner screen which displays version and registration status information.



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